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Jeremy Saje is amazing as Judas with a voice that is put to its best use in a rock opera of this type. His "Judas' Death" in Act II will shake you right out of your seats. - Don Grigware, Broadway World

I do believe he has been preparing for this role his entire career. Jeremy Saje from start to finish, from high notes to low, from angry to reflective, was absolutely incredible. - Suzanne Birrell, Discover Hollywood doesn’t get more thrilling than when Nate Parker (Jesus) and Jeremy Saje (Judas Iscariot) send their voices up to heights that only canines can hear, or close to...Jesuses and Judases don’t get any more sensational than Parker and Saje, who not only hit the high notes each and every time but do so with abundant feeling and respect for Tim Rice’s story-telling lyrics. - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

Here’s what was said the last time Jeremy played Judas...

...compelling golden tones of Jeremy Saje in his role as Judas Iscariot. - Ron Irwin,